Kamis, 01 November 2012

Bunga Bangkai

Telun Berasap Waterfall

Jumat, 27 Januari 2012

Ladeh Panjang Swam Forres

Rawa ladeh panjang is wet spread out area with wide thereabouts 150hectare placed at attitude 1.950 m from sea level.for natural lover and animal observer can find wild animal like sumatera tiger,forrest goad,deer,forrest pig,and various bird species.
To reach rawa ladeh panjang can take by bus from kersik tua village to kebun baru village the sub district of kayu aro thereabout 4 km traveled. than take by footstep about 5-6 hour to tour object.
Aroun the location,contain a couple lakes or stagnant pit with clear water,which become dringking places and rest area for wild animal.


According scientific, gunung tujuh lake is volcanic lake wich formed by volcanoes actives from the past .this lake places attitude at 1.996 m sea level and become the highest lake in south east asia .The measurement length of this lake is 4,5m sea level.This lake area be longing kerinci seblat national park.
Wich is become one of the various  biological object.this natural tour object often-camping area to university student ,student, tourists The fascination these areas include natural beauty with amazing view, and clean  and cold air̋. The distance of  “Gunung Tujuh” Lake objects  thereabouts  15 km fom Kersik Tua village

Kamis, 13 Oktober 2011

seven mount lake

seven mount lake administratively the including district of of seven mount with distance 6 kilo meters from pelompek village and 56 kilo  meter  from sungai penuh city
this area in reaching with public bus to pelompek village later than continuing with motor bike to ulu jernih village and than continuing walked mouth about4 kilo meters during 2,5 -3 hour/clock in jungle
this lake represent lake of  kaldera broadly 960 ha lay in height 1950m from sea level with 40m deep and long of seven mount lake 4,5 kilo meter widely 3 kilo meter in encircling with bevel -steep mountain side
seven mount with height from sea level to height point
-gunung hulu sangir 2,270m
-gunung terpanggang 2460m
-gunung hulu kemarau 2,397m
-gunung menderai besi 2,481m
-gunung hulu tebo kanan 2,524m
-gunung tujuh    2,700m
-gunung jujuhan 2,732m
from this lake situation facet represent lake of volcanic highest in south-east asia becouse high air temperatur about lake felt to be chilled by ape and kinds of bird type earn in meeting trough the street to lake

Senin, 19 September 2011


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This mount is The Highest Mount in Sumatra Island with attitude 3805 meter above sea level. This Mountain still has so many mystery and uniqueness, which is the highest volcano in Indonesia, and still active. The measurement of cauldron is ±580 m x 600 m with the color of cauldron water is yellowish green and the lower temperature at the top mountain reach 5˚C.
In the Indonesia Independent day at August 17 and at the national holiday visited by so many mountaineers. To reach the top of mount kerinci takes time around 8-9 hour with 4 shelter cessation. Arrived at the top mountain there natural amazing view, attractive, and fascination. To reach Kerinci Mountain from Kersik Tua vill age takes distance there abouts 8 km.